Operation & Maintenance

Solar Home Lighting in Udaipur

Today solar systems are widely using for power generation for commercial purpose as well as solar home lighting in udaipur & Water pimping in agriculture. So it is important to provide essential maintenance and inspection on a regular basis to keep your solar system operating proficiently. To keep plant performance on ABP level & and equipment stability and efficiency Taawro Energy is the best choice to deliver optimal power.

Solar Power Operation & Maintenance

Preventive maintenance

  • Cleaning of solar panels including rooftop.
  • Problem - solving & testing for low power production areas of plant.
  • circuit testing
  • Thermal imaging of inverter, SMU & modules.
  • Earth value measurement
  • Warranty claim management
  • Retrofitting in system
  • Coordination with OEM
  • Provide miscellanies services related to a solar PV plant & rooftop